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Compression ratio ion mobility programming (CRIMP) accumulation and compression of billions of ions for ion mobility-mass spectrometry using traveling waves in structures for …
L Deng, SVB Garimella, AM Hamid, IK Webb, IK Attah, RV Norheim, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (12), 6432-6439, 2017
SLIM ultrahigh resolution ion mobility spectrometry separations of isotopologues and isotopomers reveal mobility shifts due to mass distribution changes
R Wojcik, G Nagy, IK Attah, IK Webb, SVB Garimella, KK Weitz, ...
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Separation of β-Amyloid Tryptic Peptide Species with Isomerized and Racemized l-Aspartic Residues with Ion Mobility in Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations
G Nagy, K Kedia, IK Attah, SVB Garimella, YM Ibrahim, VA Petyuk, ...
Analytical chemistry 91 (7), 4374-4380, 2019
What is the structure of the naphthalene–benzene heterodimer radical cation? Binding energy, charge delocalization, and unexpected charge-transfer interaction in stacked dimer …
IK Attah, SP Platt, M Meot-Ner, MS El-Shall, R Peverati, M Head-Gordon
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (7), 1111-1118, 2015
Formation of nitrogen-containing polycyclic cations by gas-phase and intracluster reactions of acetylene with the pyridinium and pyrimidinium ions
AR Soliman, AM Hamid, I Attah, P Momoh, MS El-Shall
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (1), 155-166, 2013
Distinguishing enantiomeric amino acids with chiral cyclodextrin adducts and structures for lossless ion manipulations
G Nagy, CD Chouinard, IK Attah, IK Webb, SVB Garimella, YM Ibrahim, ...
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Metal acetylene cluster ions M+ (C2H2) n as model reactors for studying reactivity of laser-generated transition metal cations
P Sharma, I Attah, P Momoh, MS El-Shall
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Hydrogen bonding of the naphthalene radical cation to water and methanol and attachment of the naphthalene ion to extended hydrogen bonding chains
IK Attah, SP Platt, M Meot-Ner, MS El-Shall, SG Aziz, AO Alyoubi
Chemical Physics Letters 613, 45-53, 2014
Proton-bound dimers of nitrogen heterocyclic molecules: Substituent effects on the structures and binding energies of homodimers of diazine, triazine, and fluoropyridine
IK Attah, SP Platt, M Meot-Ner, MS El-Shall, SG Aziz, AO Alyoubi
The Journal of chemical physics 140 (11), 114313, 2014
Nucleophilic aromatic addition in ionizing environments: observation and analysis of new C–N valence bonds in complexes between naphthalene radical cation and pyridine
R Peverati, SP Platt, IK Attah, SG Aziz, MS El-Shall, M Head-Gordon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (34), 11923-11932, 2017
Communication: Ion mobility of the radical cation dimers: (Naphthalene)2+• and naphthalene+•-benzene: Evidence for stacked sandwich and T-shape structures
SP Platt, IK Attah, S Aziz, MS El-Shall
The Journal of chemical physics 142 (19), 191102, 2015
Formation of covalently bonded polycyclic hydrocarbon ions by intracluster polymerization of ionized ethynylbenzene clusters
PO Momoh, IK Attah, MS El-Shall, RPF Kanters, JM Pinski, SA Abrash
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (37), 8251-8263, 2014
Design of a TW-SLIM module for dual polarity confinement, transport, and reactions
SVB Garimella, IK Webb, A Prabhakaran, IK Attah, YM Ibrahim, RD Smith
Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry 28 (7), 1442-1449, 2017
Hydrogen-Terminated Graphene by Laser Vaporization-Controlled Condensation of Graphite Oxide. Observation of Hydrogen-Capped Carbon Chains C n H–, C n H+, and C n H2+ (n= 2–30 …
P Afshani, I Attah, S Moussa, J Terner, MS El-Shall
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Substituent effects on noncovalent bonds: complexes of ionized benzene derivatives with hydrogen cyanide
IK Attah, AM Hamid, M Meot-Ner, MS El-Shall, SG Aziz, AO Alyoubi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (41), 10588-10597, 2013
Assessing Collision Cross Section Calibration Strategies for Traveling Wave-Based Ion Mobility Separations in Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations
A Li, CR Conant, X Zheng, KJ Bloodsworth, DJ Orton, SVB Garimella, ...
Analytical chemistry 92 (22), 14976-14982, 2020
Isolation of Tryptanthrin and Reassessment of Evidence for Its Isobaric Isostere Wrightiadione in Plants of the Wrightia Genus
RC Garcellano, SGA Moinuddin, RP Young, M Zhou, ME Bowden, ...
Journal of natural products 82 (3), 440-448, 2018
Rapid and Simultaneous Characterization of Drug Conjugation in Heavy and Light Chains of a Monoclonal Antibody Revealed by High-Resolution Ion Mobility Separations in SLIM
G Nagy, IK Attah, CR Conant, W Liu, SVB Garimella, HP Gunawardena, ...
Analytical chemistry 92 (7), 5004-5012, 2020
Observation of covalent and electrostatic bonds in nitrogen-containing polycyclic ions formed by gas phase reactions of the benzene radical cation with pyrimidine
IK Attah, AR Soliman, SP Platt, M Meot-Ner, SG Aziz, MS El-Shall
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (9), 6422-6432, 2017
Growth kinetics and formation mechanisms of complex organics by sequential reactions of acetylene with ionized aromatics
AR Soliman, IK Attah, AM Hamid, MS El-Shall
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 377, 139-151, 2015
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