Dasari Venkatakrishnarao
Dasari Venkatakrishnarao
Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A* Star
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Cited by
Advanced Organic and Polymer Whispering‐Gallery‐Mode Microresonators for Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Light
D Venkatakrishnarao, EA Mamonov, TV Murzina, R Chandrasekar
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Photonic microrods composed of photoswitchable molecules: erasable heterostructure waveguides for tunable optical modulation
D Venkatakrishnarao, MA Mohiddon, N Chandrasekhar, R Chandrasekar
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Two-Photon Luminescence and Second-Harmonic Generation in Organic Nonlinear Surface Comprised of Self-Assembled Frustum Shaped Organic Microlasers.
D Venkatakrishnarao, YS Narayana, MA Mohaiddon, EA Mamonov, ...
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 29 (15), 2017
Engineering the Self‐Assembly of DCM Dyes into Whispering‐Gallery‐Mode μ‐Hemispheres and Fabry–Pèrot‐Type μ‐Rods for Visible–NIR (600–875 nm) Range Optical Microcavities
D Venkatakrishnarao, R Chandrasekar
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (1), 112-119, 2016
Chirality‐controlled multiphoton luminescence and second‐harmonic generation from enantiomeric organic micro‐optical waveguides
N Mitetelo, D Venkatakrishnarao, J Ravi, M Popov, E Mamonov, ...
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Chiral organic photonics: self-assembled micro-resonators for an enhanced circular dichroism effect in the non-linear optical signal
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Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (47), 12349-12353, 2017
Single-particle to single-particle transformation of an active type organic μ-tubular homo-structure photonic resonator into a passive type hetero-structure resonator
U Venkataramudu, D Venkatakrishnarao, N Chandrasekhar, ...
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Visible–Near-Infrared Range Whispering Gallery Resonance from Photonic μ-Sphere Cavities Self-Assembled from a Blend of Polystyrene and Poly [4, 7-bis (3-octylthiophene-2-yl …
YSLV Narayana, D Venkatakrishnarao, A Biswas, MA Mohiddon, ...
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2D Arrangement of Polymer Microsphere Photonic Cavities Doped with Novel N‐Rich Carbon Quantum Dots Display Enhanced One‐and Two‐Photon Luminescence Driven by Optical Resonances
D Venkatakrishnarao, C Sahoo, R Vattikunta, M Annadhasan, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (22), 1700695, 2017
The photonic side of curcumin: Microsphere resonators self-assembled from curcumin derivatives emitting visible/near-infrared light
D Venkatakrishnarao, MA Mohiddon, R Chandrasekar
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A Two‐Photon Pumped Supramolecular Upconversion Microresonator
J Ravi, D Venkatakrishnarao, C Sahoo, SRG Naraharisetty, N Mitetelo, ...
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Dielectrics for two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenide applications
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Y Zhang, D Venkatakrishnarao, M Bosman, W Fu, S Das, F Bussolotti, ...
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Photonic Microresonators from Charge Transfer in Polymer Particles: Toward Enhanced and Tunable Two-Photon Emission
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M Annadhasan, AV Kumar, D Venkatakrishnarao, EA Mamonov, ...
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RCTVM Evgeniy A Mamonov, Vladimir B Novikov, Karina D Zhdanova, Nikolai V ...
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Self‐Assembly of “Chalcone” Type Push‐Pull Dye Molecules into Organic Single Crystalline Microribbons and Rigid Microrods for Vis/NIR Range Photonic Cavity Applications
R Vattikunta, D Venkatakrishnarao, MA Mohiddon, R Chandrasekar
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Solvent‐Dependent Growth of Rigid Styrylstilbene Dicarboxylic Acid Microcrystals as Bent Waveguides and Microlasers
D Venkatakrishnarao, S Hasebe, Y Egawa, J Tapar, ...
Advanced Photonics Research 4 (4), 2200357, 2023
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