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A Highly Selective Redox, Chromogenic, and Fluorescent Chemosensor for Hg2+ in Aqueous Solution Based on Ferrocene–Glycine Bioconjugates
A Thakur, S Sardar, S Ghosh
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Recent advances in the development of ferrocene based electroactive small molecules for cation recognition: A comprehensive review of the years 2010–2020
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Effect of antibiotic on survival and development of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its gut microbial diversity
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Effect of coal fly ash on agricultural crops: Showcase project on use of fly ash in agriculture in and around thermal power station areas of National Thermal Power Corporation…
K Arivazhagan, MW Ravichandran, SK Dube, VK Mathur
Novel class of heterometallic cubane and boride clusters containing heavier group 16 elements
A Thakur, S Sao, V Ramkumar, S Ghosh
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An efficient ferrocene derivative as a chromogenic, optical, and electrochemical receptor for selective recognition of Mercury (II) in an aqueous environment
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Synthesis of triazole linked fluorescent amino acid and carbohydrate bio-conjugates: a highly sensitive and skeleton selective multi-responsive chemosensor for Cu (II) and Pb…
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A Redox-Driven Fluorescence “Off–On” Molecular Switch Based on a 1, 1′-Unsymmetrically Substituted Ferrocenyl Coumarin System: Mimicking Combinational Logic Operation
SR Bhatta, V Bheemireddy, A Thakur
Organometallics 36 (4), 829-838, 2017
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A Thakur, D Mandal, S Ghosh
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Oxidation-induced differentially selective turn-on fluorescence via photoinduced electron transfer based on a ferrocene-appended coumarin–quinoline platform: Application in…
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Synthesis of mono and doubly alkynyl substituted ferrocene and its crystal engineering using–C–H O supramolecular synthon
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Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 695 (7), 1059-1064, 2010
An Efficient Molecular Tool with Ferrocene Backbone: Discriminating Fe3+ from Fe2+ in Aqueous Media
SR Bhatta, V Bheemireddy, G Vijaykumar, S Debnath, A Thakur
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Novel Triple-Decker Sandwich Complex with a Six-Membered [B3Co24-Te)] Ring as the Middle Deck
A Thakur, KKV Chakrahari, B Mondal, S Ghosh
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Hypoelectronic dimetallaheteroboranes of group 6 transition metals containing heavier chalcogen elements
KK Chakrahari, A Thakur, B Mondal, V Ramkumar, S Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry 52 (14), 7923-7932, 2013
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