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Fabrication of label-free immunoprobe for monkeypox A29 detection using one-step electrodeposited molybdenum oxide-graphene quantum rods
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Bio-quantum dots for electrochemical sensing of cardiac biomarkers of acute myocardial infarction
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Recent Developments in Copper‐Based Catalysts for Enhanced Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
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EGF-expressed human mesenchymal stem cells inhibit collagenase1 expression in keratinocytes
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An Amiable Design of Cobalt Single Atoms as the Active Sites for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Desalinated Seawater
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Recent trends in the development of vaccine technologies to combat pandemic outbreaks and challenges
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Recent developments in using atomic force microscopy in microbiology research: An update
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MXene–MOF architectural hybrid-supported nickel single-atom catalysts for hydrogen evolution reactions
G Chellasamy, SK Arumugasamy, S Kuppusamy, V Ekambaram, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 12 (2), 1115-1127, 2024
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