Emy Marlina Samsudin
Emy Marlina Samsudin
Chemical Engineering Programme, School of Engineering, Taylor's University Sdn Bhd
Verified email at taylors.edu.my
Cited by
Cited by
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高活性多壁碳纳米管/TiO_2 纳米复合物光催化剂光催化降解活性黑 5 染料 (英文)
SB Abd Hamid, TL Tan, CW Lai, EM Samsudin
催化学报 12, 2014
Solubility of Carbon Dioxide (C02) From Natural Gas Using Various Types of Amine-Based Compounds
EM Emy Marlina Binti Samsudin
Universiti Teknologi Petronas, 2009
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