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Reduced graphene oxide-CuFe2O4 nanocomposite: A highly sensitive room temperature NH3 gas sensor
LSK Achary, A Kumar, B Barik, PS Nayak, N Tripathy, JP Kar, P Dash
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Facile synthesis of poly o-toluidine modified lanthanum phosphate nanocomposite as a superior adsorbent for selective fluoride removal: a mechanistic and kinetic study
S Sahu, L Mallik, S Pahi, B Barik, UK Sahu, M Sillanpää, RK Patel
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MnCo2O4 decorated (2D/2D) rGO/g-C3N4-based Non-Enzymatic sensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of Chlorpyrifos in water and food samples
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Ionic liquid assisted combustion synthesis of ZnO and its modification by AuSn bimetallic nanoparticles: an efficient photocatalyst for degradation of organic contaminants
L Rout, A Kumar, LSK Achary, B Barik, P Dash
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Solvent free synthesis of chalcones over graphene oxide-supported MnO2 catalysts synthesized via combustion route
A Kumar, L Rout, LSK Achary, SK Mohanty, PS Nayak, B Barik
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Synthesis of alumina-based cross-linked chitosan–HPMC biocomposite film: an efficient and user-friendly adsorbent for multipurpose water purification
B Barik, PS Nayak, LSK Achary, A Kumar, P Dash
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Gold nanoparticles deposited on MnO2 nanorods modified graphene oxide composite: A potential ternary nanocatalyst for efficient synthesis of betti bases and bisamides
PS Nayak, B Barik, LSK Achary, A Kumar, P Dash
Molecular Catalysis 474, 110415, 2019
Highly enhanced proton conductivity of single-step-functionalized graphene oxide/nafion electrolyte membrane towards improved hydrogen fuel cell performance
B Barik, Y Yun, A Kumar, H Bae, Y Namgung, JY Park, SJ Song
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 48 (29), 11029-11044, 2023
Highly sensitive and selective nonenzymatic sensing of glyphosate using FTO-modified MOF-derived CuCo2O4 nanostructures intercalated in protonated-g-C3N4 and 3D-graphene oxide …
B Maji, SJ Sahoo, V Rout, B Barik, N Behera, P Dash
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 62 (8), 3477-3491, 2023
Shape selective comprehensive gas sensing study of different morphological manganese-cobalt oxide based nanocomposite as potential room temperature hydrogen gas sensor
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Nanosensors for Smart Manufacturing
S Thomas, TA Nguyen, M Ahmadi, A Farmani, G Yasin
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Mixed-ceria reinforced acid functionalized graphene oxide-Nafion electrolyte membrane with enhanced proton conductivity and chemical durability for PEMFCs
B Barik, A Kumar, Y Namgung, L Mathur, JY Park, SJ Song
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 48 (75), 29313-29326, 2023
A redox accessible Cu-BTC metal organic framework-based nanocomposite for selective and sensitive electrochemical sensing of Triclosan in real sample
SJ Sahoo, B Barik, B Maji, PS Nayak, N Behera, P Dash
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 943, 117589, 2023
Microwave-Assisted Development of Magnetically Recyclable PANI-Modified CoFe2O4-WO3 p–n–n Heterojunction: A Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalyst for …
B Barik, SJ Sahoo, B Maji, J Bag, M Mishra, P Dash
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (42), 15125-15140, 2021
Ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of a novel PANI/ZnWO 4/WO 3 ternary nanocomposite: a facile double electron transfer photocatalyst for efficient degradation of a herbicide
B Barik, M Mishra, P Dash
Environmental Science: Nano 8 (9), 2676-2692, 2021
Cellulose-based nanomaterials for textile applications
B Barik, B Maji, D Sarkar, AK Mishra
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Design of a Non‐Cytotoxic ZnFe2O4‐CeO2/BRGO Direct Z‐Scheme Photocatalyst with Bioreduced Graphene Oxide as Cocatalyst
B Barik, B Maji, J Bag, M Mishra, J Singh, P Dash
ChemistrySelect 6 (1), 101-112, 2021
Facile design of a WO 3 nanorod-decorated graphene oxide 1D–2D nanocatalyst for the synthesis of quinoline and its derivatives
PS Nayak, B Barik, LSK Achary, B Maji, SJ Sahoo, P Dash
New Journal of Chemistry 46 (10), 4850-4863, 2022
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