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Hydrogen Bond, π–π, and CH–π Interactions Governing the Supramolecular Assembly of Some Hydrazone Ligands and Their MnII Complexes – Structural and …
D Sadhukhan, M Maiti, G Pilet, A Bauzá, A Frontera, S Mitra
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Series of dicyanamide-interlaced assembly of zinc-schiff-base complexes: crystal structure and photophysical and thermal studies
M Maiti, D Sadhukhan, S Thakurta, S Roy, G Pilet, RJ Butcher, A Nonat, ...
Inorganic chemistry 51 (22), 12176-12187, 2012
Thermally stable luminescent zinc–Schiff base complexes: A thiocyanato bridged 1D coordination polymer and a supramolecular 1D polymer
M Maiti, S Thakurta, D Sadhukhan, G Pilet, GM Rosair, A Nonat, ...
Polyhedron 65, 6-15, 2013
Synthesis, structural characterization, theoretical calculations and catecholase mimetic activity of manganese-Schiff base complexes
M Maiti, D Sadhukhan, S Thakurta, E Zangrando, G Pilet, A Bauzá, ...
Polyhedron 75, 40-49, 2014
Heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of styrene by an oxo bridged divanadium (V) complex of an acetohydrazide-Schiff base
D Sadhukhan, M Maiti, E Zangrando, S Pathan, S Mitra, A Patel
Polyhedron 69, 1-9, 2014
Pseudohalide‐Controlled Assemblies of Copper–Schiff Base Complexes with an Encapsulated Sodium Ion: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Computational Studies
M Maiti, D Sadhukhan, S Thakurta, S Sen, E Zangrando, RJ Butcher, ...
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2013 (4), 527-536, 2013
Synthesis, structure, physicochemical characterization and theoretical evaluation of non-covalent interaction energy of a polymeric copper (II)-hydrazone complex
D Sadhukhan, M Maiti, A Bauzá, A Frontera, E Garribba, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 484, 95-103, 2019
Catalytic Efficacy of Copper (II)–and Cobalt (III)–Schiff Base Complexes in Alkene Epoxidation
M Maiti, D Sadhukhan, S Thakurta, E Zangrando, G Pilet, S Signorella, ...
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 87 (6), 724-732, 2014
Two new hydrogen-bonded supramolecular dioxo-molybdenum (VI) complexes based on acetyl-hydrazone ligands: Synthesis, crystal structure and DFT studies
M Maiti, S Thakurta, G Pilet, A Bauzá, A Frontera
Journal of Molecular Structure 1226, 129346, 2021
A trinuclear nickel (II) Schiff base complex with phenoxido-and acetato-bridges: combined experimental and theoretical magneto-structural correlation
S Thakurta, M Maiti, RJ Butcher, CJ Gómez-García, AA Tsaturyan
Dalton Transactions 50 (6), 2200-2209, 2021
Combined experimental and computational approach to the structure of a new nickel (II) complex with tridentate schiff base ligand
S Thakurta, M Maiti, RJ Butcher, J Wang, J Leszczynski
Journal of Structural Chemistry 62 (6), 938-946, 2021
A Rare Angular Trinuclear Mixed Valence Cobalt (III-II-III) Complex With Azido Bridges And Salpn-Type Schiff-Base Ligand: Synthesis, Crystal Structure And DFT Study
S Thakurta, M Maiti, GM Rosair, A Kuznetsov
Journal of Molecular Structure 1230, 129863, 2021
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