B. Arjun Kumar
B. Arjun Kumar
Other namesBA Kumar, Arjunkumar Bojarajan, Arjun Kumar Bojarajan
Postdoctoral Fellow, United Arab Emirates University, UAE
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Cited by
rGO supported g-C3N4/CoFe2O4 heterojunction: Visible-light-active photocatalyst for effective utilization of H2O2 to organic pollutant degradation and OH radicals production
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B Arjunkumar, G Ramalingam, M Ramesh, JS Ponraj, KV Rao
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Fabrication of self charging supercapacitor based on two dimensional bismuthene-graphitic carbon nitride nanocomposite powered by dye sensitized solar cells
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Synthesis of MoS2/Mg (OH) 2/BiVO4 hybrid photocatalyst by ultrasonic homogenization assisted hydrothermal methods and its application as sunlight active photocatalyst for water …
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Fabrication of natural dye sensitized solar cell using tridax procumbens leaf and beetroot extract mixer as a sensitizer
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Surface functionalization of core-shell QDs for solar photovoltaic and anti-cancer applications
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Green solvent exfoliation of few layers 2D-MoS2 nanosheets for efficient energy harvesting and storage application
BA Kumar, T Elangovan, K Raju, G Ramalingam, S Sambasivam, ...
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Enhanced α-Mn2O3 nanorods synthesized by one-pot hydrothermal route for supercapacitors
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Quantum confinement effect of 2D nanomaterials
R Gopal, K Kaviyarasu, N Manivannan, BA Kumar, E Thanagvel, G Ravi, ...
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YN Rajeev, CM Magdalane, S Hepsibha, G Ramalingam, BA Kumar, ...
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BA Kumar, G Ramalingam, SAB Al Omari, Z Bakenov, S Sangaraju, ...
Nano Materials Science, 2024
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