Ruturajsinh Vala
Ruturajsinh Vala
Department of chemistry, Sardar Patel University
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Hydroxyl alkyl ammonium ionic liquid assisted green and one-pot regioselective access to functionalized pyrazolodihydropyridine core and their pharmacological evaluation
DM Patel, MG Sharma, RM Vala, I Lagunes, A Puerta, JM Padrón, ...
Bioorganic chemistry 86, 137-150, 2019
A Practical Green Visit to the Functionalized [1,2,4]Triazolo[5,1‐b]quinazolin‐8(4H)one Scaffolds Using the Group‐Assisted Purification (GAP) Chemistry and Their …
DM Patel, RM Vala, MG Sharma, DP Rajani, HM Patel
ChemistrySelect 4 (3), 1031-1041, 2019
Anti‐Proliferative 1, 4‐Dihydropyridine and Pyridine Derivatives Synthesized through a Catalyst‐Free, One‐Pot Multi‐Component Reaction
MG Sharma, RM Vala, DM Patel, I Lagunes, MX Fernandes, JM Padrón, ...
ChemistrySelect 3 (43), 12163-12168, 2018
One-Pot assembly for synthesis of 1, 4-dihydropyridine scaffold and their biological applications
MG Sharma, J Pandya, DM Patel, RM Vala, V Ramkumar, R Subramanian, ...
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 41 (7), 1495-1505, 2021
Versatile synthetic platform for 1, 2, 3-triazole chemistry
DP Vala, RM Vala, HM Patel
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Pyridine-2-carboxylic acid as an effectual catalyst for rapid multi-component synthesis of pyrazolo [3, 4-b] quinolinones
MG Sharma, RM Vala, HM Patel
RSC advances 10 (58), 35499-35504, 2020
Synthesis, crystal structure and in silico studies of novel 2, 4-dimethoxy-tetrahydropyrimido [4, 5-b] quinolin-6 (7 H)-ones
SG Patel, RM Vala, PJ Patel, DB Upadhyay, V Ramkumar, RL Gardas, ...
RSC advances 12 (29), 18806-18820, 2022
Impact of an aryl bulky group on a one-pot reaction of aldehyde with malononitrile and N-substituted 2-cyanoacetamide
RM Vala, DM Patel, MG Sharma, HM Patel
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Synthesis and in vitro study of antiproliferative benzyloxy dihydropyrimidinones
RM Vala, MG Sharma, DM Patel, A Puerta, JM Padron, V Ramkumar, ...
Archiv der Pharmazie 354 (6), 2000466, 2021
Water mediated TBAB catalyzed synthesis of spiro-indoline-pyrano [3, 2-c] quinolines as α-amylase inhibitor and in silico studies
DB Upadhyay, RM Vala, SG Patel, PJ Patel, C Chi, HM Patel
Journal of Molecular Structure 1273, 134305, 2023
Microwave-assisted multicomponent synthesis of antiproliferative 2, 4-dimethoxy-tetrahydropyrimido [4, 5-b] quinolin-6 (7 H)-ones
SG Patel, A González-Bakker, RM Vala, PJ Patel, A Puerta, A Malik, ...
RSC advances 12 (47), 30404-30415, 2022
Synthesis of N-(4-chlorophenyl) substituted pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles enabling PKBβ/AKT2 inhibitory and in vitro anti-glioma activity
RM Vala, V Tandon, LG Nicely, L Guo, Y Gu, S Banerjee, HM Patel
Annals of Medicine 54 (1), 2548-2560, 2022
Syrbactin-class dual constitutive- and immuno-proteasome inhibitor TIR-199 impedes myeloma-mediated bone degeneration in vivo
V Tandon, RM Vala, A Chen, RL Sah, HM Patel, MC Pirrung, S Banerjee
Bioscience Reports 42 (2), BSR20212721, 2022
Crystal structure, antibacterial and antifungal evaluation of 5-bromothiophene based 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-(thi)ones
MG Sharma, RM Vala, DP Rajani, V Ramkumar, RL Gardas, S Banerjee, ...
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 198 (2), 145-153, 2023
Catalyst-free synthesis of imidazo [5, 1-b] quinazolines and their antimicrobial activity
PJ Patel, RM Vala, SG Patel, DB Upadhyay, DP Rajani, F Damiri, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1285, 135467, 2023
Importance of Hybrid Catalysts toward the Synthesis of 5H-Pyrano[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2-ones/2,4-diones (Thiones)
MP Parmar, RM Vala, HM Patel
ACS omega 8 (2), 1759-1816, 2023
Catalyst-Free, Room-Temperature Accessible Regioselective Synthesis of Spiroquinolines and Their Antioxidant Study
PJ Patel, DM Patel, RM Vala, SG Patel, DB Upadhyay, Y Pannerselvam, ...
ACS omega 8 (1), 444-456, 2022
One-pot two-step catalytic synthesis of 6-amino-2-pyridone-3, 5-dicarbonitriles enabling anti-cancer bioactivity
LG Nicely, RM Vala, DB Upadhyay, J Nogales, C Chi, S Banerjee, ...
RSC advances 12 (37), 23889-23897, 2022
Synthesis of a novel Pyrano [2, 3-c] pyrazole enabling PKBβ/AKT2 inhibitory and in vitro anti-glioma activity
RM Vala, V Tandon, LG Nicely, L Guo, Y Gu, S Banerjee, HM Patel
ChemistrySelect 2018, 3, 12163–12168; b) MG Sharma, DP Rajani, HM Patel
MG Sharma, RM Vala
R. Soc. open sci 4 (170006), 1, 2017
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