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Stabilization of ruthenium nanoparticles over NiV-LDH surface for enhanced electrochemical water splitting: an oxygen vacancy approach
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Boosting of overall water splitting activity by regulating the electron distribution over the active sites of Ce doped NiCo–LDH and atomic level understanding of the catalyst …
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Revealing the pH-Universal Electrocatalytic Activity of Co-Doped RuO2 toward the Water Oxidation Reaction
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Constructing electrospun spinel NiFe 2 O 4 nanofibers decorated with palladium ions as nanosheets heterostructure: boosting electrocatalytic activity of HER in alkaline water …
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Accelerating the Electrocatalytic Performance of NiFe–LDH via Sn Doping toward the Water Oxidation Reaction under Alkaline Condition
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Electronically Modified Ce3+ Ion Doped 2D NiFe-LDH Nanosheets over a 1D Microfiber: A High-Performance Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
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ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 (10), 12768-12781, 2022
2D CoFe-LDH nanosheet-incorporated 1D microfibers as a high-performance OER electrocatalyst in neutral and alkaline media
S Nagappan, A Karmakar, R Madhu, SS Selvasundarasekar, ...
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Effective Formation of a Mn-ZIF-67 Nanofibrous Network via Electrospinning: An Active Electrocatalyst for OER in Alkaline Medium
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Modulating the surface electronic structure of active Ni sites by engineering hierarchical NiFe-LDH/CuS over Cu foam as an efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting
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Recent Advancement of 2D Bi-Metallic Hydroxides with Various Strategical Modification for the Sustainable Hydrogen Production through Water Electrolysis
S Nagappan, HN Dh, A Karmakar, S Kundu
ES Materials & Manufacturing 19, 830, 2023
Recent developments in transition metal-based MOFs for electrocatalytic water splitting emphasizing fundamental and structural aspects
R Madhu, A Karmakar, K Bera, S Nagappan, HN Dhandapani, SS Roy, ...
Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2023
Stabilization of Ru NPs over 3D LaCrO3 Nanostructures for High-Performance HER Catalysts in Acidic Media
A Kuchipudi, S Nagappan, A Karmakar, G Sreedhar, S Kundu
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Three-Dimensional Sm-Doped NiCu-LDH on Ni Foam as a Highly Robust Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Total Water Splitting
S Singha Roy, A Karmakar, R Madhu, S Nagappan, H N Dhandapani, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2023
Nickel iron based layered double hydroxides as effective electrochemical sensor towards Epicatechin
T Thenrajan, S Nagappan, S Kundu, J Wilson
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A review on consequences of flexible layered double hydroxide-based electrodes: Fabrication and water splitting application
S Nagappan, S Yang, A Adhikari, R Patel, S Kundu
Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2023
Exploring the Linear Relationship Between Potential Dynamics and Interfacial Capacitance: An Implications for Enhancing Turnover Frequency in Electrochemical Water Splitting
A Karmakar, S Nagappan, A Das, A Kalloorkal, S Kundu
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Vacancy-fused multiple layers of copper sulfoselenide superstructures: a propitious HER electrocatalyst in acidic medium
S Kumaravel, D Kumar, SS Sankar, A Karmakar, R Madhu, K Bera, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 13 (3), 694-704, 2023
rsc. li/frontiers-materials
F Xu, Y Zou, Y Dai, M Li, Z Li, R Madhu, A Karmakar, K Bera, S Nagappan, ...
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