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Divalent N (I) character in 2-(thiazol-2-yl) guanidine: an electronic structure analysis
S Bhatia, C Bagul, Y Kasetti, DS Patel, PV Bharatam
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Existence of dynamic tautomerism and divalent N (I) character in N‐(pyridin‐2‐yl) thiazol‐2‐amine
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Design and synthesis of guanylthiourea derivatives as potential inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum dihydrofolate reductase enzyme
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S Bhatia, PV Bharatam
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Enzyme replacement therapies: what is the best option?
A Safary, MA Khiavi, R Mousavi, J Barar, MA Rafi
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Design, Synthesis, and Structural Analysis of Divalent NI Compounds and Identification of a New Electron‐Donating Ligand
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A study on the BF3 directed lithiation of 3-chloro-and 3-bromopyridine
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Electronic structure analysis of isomeric preferences of canonical and zwitterionic forms of lornoxicam
ZP Nathavad, S Bhatia, DK Dhaked, PV Bharatam
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In silico identification of albendazole as a quorum sensing inhibitor and its in vitro verification using CviR and LasB receptors based assay systems
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Phytosome: Phytoconstituent Based Lipid Derived Drug Delivery System
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Synthesis, Evaluation and in silico studies of 1, 8-Naphthyridine derivatives against antimicrobial activity
S Sachdevaa, S Bhatia, A Mittala, M Sinhab
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Formation/Fate of Reactive Metabolites from General Anesthetics and A Comparison of Toxic and Non-Toxic Analogues: A DFT Study
S Bhatia, V A Dixit, H Jangra, P V Bharatam
Drug metabolism letters 6 (4), 221-234, 2012
Efficient Organocatalytic Dual Activation Strategy for Preparing the Versatile Synthons (2E)-1-(Het) Aryl/styryl-3-(dimethylamino) prop-2-en-1-ones and α-(E)-[(Dimethylamino …
S Bindal, D Kumar, DN Kommi, S Bhatiya, AK Chakraborti
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In silico Identification of Polyphenolic Compounds from the Grape fruit as Quorum sensing inhibitors
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In silico Docking, ADME and Toxicity studies of Aryl Glyoxamide Derivatives as Anti-Virulence Agents
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Divalent Nitrogen (I) Compounds with a New Cyclic Carbene Ligand
TM Swager, L Chen
Synfacts 12 (02), 0146-0146, 2016
Explanation through density functional theory of the unanticipated loss of CO2 and differences in mass fragmentation profiles of ritonavir and its rCYP3A4‐mediated …
S Jhajra, T Handa, S Bhatia, PV Bharatam, S Singh
Journal of Mass Spectrometry 49 (6), 452-467, 2014
Electronic structure studies on Drugs with Divalent N (I) character
S Bhatia, PV Bharatam
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