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Development and evaluation of near-isogenic lines for major blast resistance gene (s) in Basmati rice
A Khanna, V Sharma, RK Ellur, AB Shikari, SG Krishnan, UD Singh, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 128 (7), 1243-1259, 2015
Improvement of Basmati rice varieties for resistance to blast and bacterial blight diseases using marker assisted backcross breeding
RK Ellur, A Khanna, A Yadav, S Pathania, H Rajashekara, VK Singh, ...
Plant Science 242, 330-341, 2016
Molecular breeding for the development of multiple disease resistance in Basmati rice
A Singh, VK Singh, SP Singh, RTP Pandian, RK Ellur, D Singh, ...
AoB Plants 2012, 2012
Marker‐assisted simultaneous but stepwise backcross breeding for pyramiding blast resistance genes Piz5 and Pi54 into an elite Basmati rice restorer line ‘PRR78’
VK Singh, A Singh, SP Singh, RK Ellur, D Singh, S Gopala Krishnan, ...
Plant Breeding 132 (5), 486-495, 2013
Mapping quantitative trait loci responsible for resistance to Bakanae disease in rice
RA Fiyaz, AK Yadav, SG Krishnan, RK Ellur, BM Bashyal, N Grover, ...
Rice 9 (1), 45, 2016
Marker-aided Incorporation of Xa38, a Novel Bacterial Blight Resistance Gene, in PB1121 and Comparison of its Resistance Spectrum with xa13 + Xa21
RK Ellur, A Khanna, PK Bhowmick, KK Vinod, M Nagarajan, KK Mondal, ...
Scientific reports 6, 29188, 2016
Marker based haplotype diversity of Saltol OTL in relation to seedling stage salinity tolerance in selected genotypes of rice
M Nagarajan, NK Singh, KV Prabhu, AK Singh
Indian J. Genet 74 (1), 16-25, 2014
Marker aided incorporation of Saltol, a major QTL associated with seedling stage salt tolerance, into Oryza sativa ‘Pusa basmati 1121’
NN Babu, SG Krishnan, KK Vinod, SL Krishnamurthy, VK Singh, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 41, 2017
Development of high throughput screening protocol and identification of novel sources of resistance against bakanae disease in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
RA Fiyaz, SG Krishnan, H Rajashekara, AK Yadav, BM Bashyal, ...
Indian J Genet 74 (4), 414-422, 2014
Marker assisted pyramiding of major blast resistance genes Pi9 and Pita in the genetic background of an elite Basmati rice variety, Pusa Basmati 1
A Khanna, V Sharma, RK Ellur, AB Shikari, SG Krishnan, UD Singh, ...
Indian J. Genet 75 (4), 417-425, 2015
Marker-Assisted Introgression of Saltol QTL Enhances Seedling Stage Salt Tolerance in the Rice Variety “Pusa Basmati 1”
VK Singh, BD Singh, A Kumar, S Maurya, SG Krishnan, KK Vinod, ...
International journal of genomics 2018, 2018
Molecular mapping of rice root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne graminicola) resistance gene in Asian rice (Oryza sativa L.) using STMS markers
PH Mhatre, AS Pankaj, AK Singh, RK Ellur, P Kumar
Indian J Genetics 77, 163-165, 2017
Stability analysis of grain iron and zinc content in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br)
CT Satyavathi, SM Sankar, SP Singh, P Bhowmick, J Bhat, O Singh, ...
International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 33 (2 (Part III)), 1387-1394, 2015
Mapping quantitative trait loci responsible for resistance to bakanae disease in rice. Rice 9: 45
AR Fiyaz, AK Yadav, S Gopala Krishnan, RK Ellur, BM Bashyal, N Grover, ...
Variety Pusa Basmati 1509
AK Singh, SG Krishnan, M Nagarajan, K Vinod, P Bhowmick, S Atwal, ...
Indian J Genet Pl Br 74, 123-123, 2014
Basmati rice variety Pusa Basmati 1718
AK Singh, RK Ellur, S Gopala Krishnan, PK Bhowmick, M Nagarajan, ...
Indian J Genet 78 (1), 151, 2018
Microsatellite based linkage disequilibrium analyses reveal Saltol haplotype fragmentation and identify novel QTLs for seedling stage salinity tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
NN Babu, KK Vinod, SL Krishnamurthy, SG Krishnan, A Yadav, ...
Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 26 (3), 310-320, 2017
Variety Pusa Basmati 1637
AK Singh, SG Krishnan, M Nagarajan, PK Bhowmick, RK Ellur, B Haritha, ...
Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding (The) 77 (4), 583-584, 2017
Role of biotechnology in plant diseases management: An overview
M Shamim, P Pandey, A Singh, P Yadav, PK Bhowmick, D Srivastava, ...
Journal of Genetic and Environmental Resources Conservation 1 (1), 215-220, 2013
Marker-assisted identification of restorer gene (s) in iso-cytoplasmic restorer lines of WA cytoplasm in rice and assessment of their fertility restoration potential across …
A Kumar, PK Bhowmick, VJ Singh, M Malik, AK Gupta, R Seth, ...
Physiology and molecular biology of plants 23 (4), 891-909, 2017
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