Hamideh Aghahosseini
Hamideh Aghahosseini
PostDoc Position, University of Zanjan
Verified email at znu.ac.ir
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The first protection-free synthesis of magnetic bifunctional l-proline as a highly active and versatile artificial enzyme: synthesis of imidazole derivatives
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Vinylphosphonium Salt-Mediated Reactions: A One-Pot Condensation Approach for the Highly cis-Selective Synthesis of N-Benzoylaziridines and the Green …
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Highly Efficient Aqueous Synthesis of Propargylamines through C–H Activation Catalyzed by Magnetic Organosilica‐Supported Gold Nanoparticles as an Artificial Metalloenzyme
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Preparation and Characterization of MCM‐41@ PEI· Mn as a New Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterial and Study of its Catalytic Role in the Oxidation of Cyclohexene, Ethyl …
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Synthesis of Magnetic Fe 3 O 4@ polyethyleneimine. Mn (II) from Fe 3 O 4,[3-(2, 3-Epoxypropoxy) propyl] trimethoxysilane, Polyethyleneimine and Mn (II) Acetate as a Novel …
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Pt (II)‐Based Artificial Nitroreductase: An Efficient and Highly Stable Nanozyme
H Aghahosseini, SJ Tabatabaei Rezaei, M Maleki, D Abdolahnjadian, ...
ChemistrySelect 4 (4), 1387-1393, 2019
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