Omid Amiri
Omid Amiri
Department of Chemistry, University of Raparin, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
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Cited by
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Green synthesis using cherry and orange juice and characterization of TbFeO3 ceramic nanostructures and their application as photocatalysts under UV light for removal of …
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Design and fabrication of a high performance inorganic tandem solar cell with 11.5% conversion efficiency
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Gd2ZnMnO6/ZnO nanocomposites: Green sol-gel auto-combustion synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic degradation of different dye pollutants in water
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Green synthesis of dysprosium stannate nanoparticles using Ficus carica extract as photocatalyst for the degradation of organic pollutants under visible irradiation
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O Amiri, M Salavati-Niasari, SM Hosseinpour-Mashkani, A Rafiei, ...
Materials science in semiconductor processing 27, 261-266, 2014
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