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MoS2/Paper Decorated with Metal Nanoparticles (Au, Pt, and Pd) Based Plasmonic‐Enhanced Broadband (Visible‐NIR) Flexible Photodetectors
V Selamneni, H Raghavan, A Hazra, P Sahatiya
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (6), 2001988, 2021
All MoS 2 based 2D/0D localized unipolar heterojunctions as flexible broadband (UV-vis-NIR) photodetectors
V Selamneni, SK Ganeshan, P Sahatiya
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (33), 11593-11602, 2020
Broadband, Ultra-High-Responsive Monolayer MoS2/SnS2 Quantum-Dot-Based Mixed-Dimensional Photodetector
CSR Kolli, V Selamneni, B A. Muñiz Martínez, A Fest Carreno, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (13), 15415-15425, 2022
MOF based flexible, low-cost chemiresistive device as a respiration sensor for sleep apnea diagnosis
T Leelasree, V Selamneni, T Akshaya, P Sahatiya, H Aggarwal
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 8 (44), 10182-10189, 2020
Large Area Deposition of MoSe2 on Paper as a Flexible Near-Infrared Photodetector
V Selamneni, N Nerurkar, P Sahatiya
IEEE Sensors Letters 4 (5), 1-4, 2020
A water destructible SnS 2 QD/PVA film based transient multifunctional sensor and machine learning assisted stimulus identification for non-invasive personal care diagnostics
N Bokka, V Selamneni, P Sahatiya
Materials Advances 1 (8), 2818-2830, 2020
Detection and discrimination of volatile organic compounds by noble metal nanoparticle functionalized MoS 2 coated biodegradable paper sensors
R Bhardwaj, V Selamneni, UN Thakur, P Sahatiya, A Hazra
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (38), 16613-16625, 2020
Facile Fabrication of MoSe2 on Paper as an Electromechanical Piezoresistive Pressure–Strain Sensor
V Selamneni, SK Ganeshan, N Nerurkar, T Akshaya, P Sahatiya
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 70, 1-8, 2020
Low-Cost, Disposable, Flexible, and Smartphone Enabled Pressure Sensor for Monitoring Drug Dosage in Smart Medicine Applications
V Selamneni, P Barya, N Deshpande, P Sahatiya
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (23), 11255-11261, 2019
Hybrid 0D–2D WS2-QDs (n)/SnS (p) as Distributed Heterojunctions for Highly Responsive Flexible Broad-Band Photodetectors
V Selamneni, P Anand P, A Singh, P Sahatiya
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 3 (9), 4105-4114, 2021
Water dissolvable MoS 2 quantum dots/PVA film as an active material for destructible memristors
SK Ganeshan, V Selamneni, P Sahatiya
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (28), 11941-11948, 2020
Large-area, flexible SnS/paper-based piezoresistive pressure sensor for artificial electronic skin application
V Selamneni, A Kunchur, P Sahatiya
IEEE Sensors Journal 21 (4), 5143-5150, 2020
Plasmonic Au Nanoparticles Coated on ReS2 Nanosheets for Visible-Near-Infrared Photodetectors
V Selamneni, A Mukherjee, H Raghavan, PT Gomathi, CSR Kolli, S Pal, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 (8), 11381-11390, 2022
Ultra-High Responsivity and Enhanced Trap Assisted Charge Transfer by utilizing Ti3C2TX (MXene) as a Transport Layer for ReS2 based Flexible Broadband Photodetector: A better …
V Selamneni, V Adepu, H Raghavan, P Sahatiya
FlatChem 33, 100363, 2022
MoS 2/cellulose paper coupled with SnS 2 quantum dots as 2D/0D electrode for high-performance flexible supercapacitor
PK Enaganti, V Selamneni, P Sahatiya, S Goel
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (19), 8516-8526, 2021
Large area growth of SnS 2/graphene on cellulose paper as a flexible broadband photodetector and investigating its band structure through first principles calculations
V Selamneni, S Kanungo, P Sahatiya
Materials Advances 2 (7), 2373-2381, 2021
Highly Air stabilized Black phosphorus on disposable paper substrate as a tunneling effect based highly sensitive piezoresistive strain sensor
V Selamneni, A BS, P Sahatiya
Medical Devices & Sensors, 2020
Bolometric effect enhanced ultrafast graphene based do-it-yourself wearable respiration sensor for personal healthcare monitoring
V Selamneni, P Sahatiya
IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (7), 3452-3459, 2019
All solution processed flexible p-NiO/n-CdS rectifying junction: Applications towards broadband photodetector and human breath monitoring
KCS Reddy, V Selamneni, MGS Rao, J Meza-Arroyo, P Sahatiya, ...
Applied Surface Science 568, 150944, 2021
Laser-assisted micropyramid patterned PDMS encapsulation of 1D tellurium nanowires on cellulose paper for highly sensitive strain sensor and its photodetection studies
V Selamneni, T Akshaya, V Adepu, P Sahatiya
Nanotechnology 32 (45), 455201, 2021
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