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PHI: A powerful new program for the analysis of anisotropic monomeric and exchange‐coupled polynuclear d‐and f‐block complexes
NF Chilton, RP Anderson, LD Turner, A Soncini, KS Murray
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Molecular magnetic hysteresis at 60 kelvin in dysprosocenium
CAP Goodwin, F Ortu, D Reta, NF Chilton, DP Mills
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On approaching the limit of molecular magnetic anisotropy: a near‐perfect pentagonal bipyramidal dysprosium (III) single‐molecule magnet
YS Ding, NF Chilton, REP Winpenny, YZ Zheng
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (52), 16071-16074, 2016
An electrostatic model for the determination of magnetic anisotropy in dysprosium complexes
NF Chilton, D Collison, EJL McInnes, REP Winpenny, A Soncini
Nature communications 4, 2551, 2013
A monometallic lanthanide bis (methanediide) single molecule magnet with a large energy barrier and complex spin relaxation behaviour
M Gregson, NF Chilton, AM Ariciu, F Tuna, IF Crowe, W Lewis, AJ Blake, ...
Chemical science 7 (1), 155-165, 2016
A {CrIII2DyIII2} Single‐Molecule Magnet: Enhancing the Blocking Temperature through 3d Magnetic Exchange
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Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (46), 12014-12019, 2013
Molecular coolers: the case for [Cu II 5 Gd III 4]
SK Langley, NF Chilton, B Moubaraki, T Hooper, EK Brechin, ...
Chemical Science 2 (6), 1166-1169, 2011
Single molecule magnetism in a family of mononuclear β-diketonate lanthanide (III) complexes: rationalization of magnetic anisotropy in complexes of low symmetry
NF Chilton, SK Langley, B Moubaraki, A Soncini, SR Batten, KS Murray
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The first near-linear bis (amide) f-block complex: a blueprint for a high temperature single molecule magnet
NF Chilton, CAP Goodwin, DP Mills, REP Winpenny
Chemical Communications 51 (1), 101-103, 2015
Direct measurement of dysprosium (III) dysprosium (III) interactions in a single-molecule magnet
EM Pineda, NF Chilton, R Marx, M Dörfel, DO Sells, P Neugebauer, ...
Nature communications 5, 5243, 2014
Design criteria for high-temperature single-molecule magnets
NF Chilton
Inorganic chemistry 54 (5), 2097-2099, 2015
Heterometallic Tetranuclear [LnIII2CoIII2] Complexes Including Suppression of Quantum Tunneling of Magnetization in the [DyIII2CoIII2] Single Molecule …
SK Langley, NF Chilton, L Ungur, B Moubaraki, LF Chibotaru, KS Murray
Inorganic chemistry 51 (21), 11873-11881, 2012
A Low‐Symmetry Dysprosium Metallocene Single‐Molecule Magnet with a High Anisotropy Barrier
T Pugh, NF Chilton, RA Layfield
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (37), 11082-11085, 2016
Structure, Magnetism and Theory of a Family of Nonanuclear CuII5LnIII4–Triethanolamine Clusters Displaying Single‐Molecule Magnet Behaviour
SK Langley, L Ungur, NF Chilton, B Moubaraki, LF Chibotaru, KS Murray
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (33), 9209-9218, 2011
Modulation of slow magnetic relaxation by tuning magnetic exchange in {Cr 2 Dy 2} single molecule magnets
SK Langley, DP Wielechowski, V Vieru, NF Chilton, B Moubaraki, ...
Chemical Science 5 (8), 3246-3256, 2014
Single-Molecule Magnetism in Three Related {CoIII2DyIII2}-Acetylacetonate Complexes with Multiple Relaxation Mechanisms
SK Langley, NF Chilton, B Moubaraki, KS Murray
Inorganic chemistry 52 (12), 7183-7192, 2013
Dispersion Force Stabilized Two-Coordinate Transition Metal–Amido Complexes of the −N(SiMe3)Dipp (Dipp = C6H3-2,6-Pri2) Ligand: Structural …
CY Lin, JD Guo, JC Fettinger, S Nagase, F Grandjean, GJ Long, ...
Inorganic chemistry 52 (23), 13584-13593, 2013
Anisotropy barrier enhancement via ligand substitution in tetranuclear {Co III 2 Ln III 2} single molecule magnets
SK Langley, NF Chilton, B Moubaraki, KS Murray
Chemical Communications 49 (62), 6965-6967, 2013
Synthesis, structural and magnetic studies of an isostructural family of mixed 3d/4f tetranuclear ‘star’clusters
NF Chilton, SK Langley, B Moubaraki, KS Murray
Chemical Communications 46 (41), 7787-7789, 2010
Systematic Study of a Family of Butterfly-Like {M2Ln2} Molecular Magnets (M = MgII, MnIII, CoII, NiII, and CuII; Ln = YIII, GdIII, TbIII, DyIII, HoIII, and ErIII)
E Moreno Pineda, NF Chilton, F Tuna, REP Winpenny, EJL McInnes
Inorganic chemistry 54 (12), 5930-5941, 2015
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