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Dr. Mukesh Sharma
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Pd/Cu-oxide nanoconjugate at zeolite-Y crystallite crafting the mesoporous channels for selective oxidation of benzyl-alcohols
M Sharma, B Das, M Sharma, BK Deka, YB Park, SK Bhargava, KK Bania
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (40), 35453-35462, 2017
Chiral Ni-schiff base complexes inside zeolite-Y and their application in asymmetric Henry reaction: effect of initial activation with microwave irradiation
M Sharma, B Das, GV Karunakar, L Satyanarayana, KK Bania
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (25), 13563-13573, 2016
Octahedral copper (ii)-diimine complexes of triethylenetetramine: Effect of stereochemical fluxionality and ligand hydrophobicity on Cu II/Cu I redox, DNA binding and cleavage …
M Sharma, M Ganeshpandian, M Majumder, A Tamilarasan, M Sharma, ...
Dalton Transactions 49 (24), 8282-8297, 2020
Pd–Au–Y as efficient catalyst for C–C coupling reactions, benzylic C–H bond activation, and oxidation of ethanol for synthesis of cinnamaldehydes
M Sharma, B Das, MJ Baruah, S Biswas, S Roy, A Hazarika, SK Bhargava, ...
ACS Catalysis 9 (7), 5860-5875, 2019
Fractal to monolayer growth of AgCl and Ag/AgCl nanoparticles on vanadium oxides (VO x) for visible-light photocatalysis
M Sharma, B Das, JC Sarmah, A Hazarika, BK Deka, YB Park, KK Bania
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (32), 16953-16963, 2017
CCl bond activation with Pd (II)-NiO nanoparticles supported on zeolite-Y: the role of charge transfer transition
M Sharma, M Sharma, A Hazarika, L Satyanarayana, GV Karunakar, ...
Molecular Catalysis 432, 210-219, 2017
PdO/CuO nanoparticles on zeolite-Y for nitroarene reduction and methanol oxidation
M Sharma, B Das, A Hazarika, AK Guha, SK Bhargava, KK Bania
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (6), 3769-3779, 2019
Rapid reduction of dye pollutants and hexavalent chromium by silver-sulphur oxido-vanadium cluster
B Das, M Sharma, JC Sarmah, KK Bania
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (5), 4212-4219, 2017
Metallogel templated synthesis and stabilization of silver-particles and its application in catalytic reduction of nitro-arene
M Sharma, PJ Sarma, MJ Goswami, KK Bania
Journal of colloid and interface science 490, 529-541, 2017
An indirect approach for encapsulation of chiral cobalt catalyst in microporous Zeolite-Y
M Sharma, B Das, A Hazarika, NR Mangina, GV Karunakar, KK Bania
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 272, 31-39, 2018
Self pH regulated iron (II) catalyst for radical free oxidation of benzyl alcohols
B Das, MJ Baruah, M Sharma, B Sarma, GV Karunakar, L Satyanarayana, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 589, 117292, 2020
Gold nanoparticle supported on mesoporous vanadium oxide for photo-oxidation of 2-naphthol with hydrogen peroxide and aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohols
B Das, M Sharma, MJ Baruah, BP Mounash, GV Karunakar, KK Bania
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (5), 104268, 2020
Substrate oxidation prompted by solvent dissociation: The role of peroxo-vanadate and Ag-π Interaction
B Das, M Sharma, C Kashyap, AK Guha, A Hazarika, KK Bania
Applied Catalysis A: General 568, 191-201, 2018
Pd–NiO-Y/CNT nanofoam: a zeolite-carbon nanotube conjugate exhibiting high durability in methanol oxidation
M Sharma, B Das, MJ Baruah, PK Bhattacharyya, L Saikia, KK Bania
Chemical Communications 56 (3), 375-378, 2020
Boosting multiple photo-assisted and temperature controlled reactions with a single redox-switchable catalyst: Solvents as internal substrates and reducing agent
MJ Baruah, M Sharma, B Das, P Saikia, L Saikia, S Roy, GV Karunakar, ...
Journal of catalysis 388, 104-121, 2020
Self‐Assembled Monolayer Stabilized Gold‐Vanadate Nanoflute for Water Splitting Reactions
B Das, M Sharma, A Hazarika, KK Bania
ChemistrySelect 4 (24), 7042-7050, 2019
Silver‐Sulphur Oxido‐Vanadium Cluster: A Newly Born Catalyst for Direct Reduction of Aryl Carboxylic Acids to Aldehydes via Mars and van Krevelen Mechanism
B Das, M Sharma, L Satyanarayana, GV Karunakar, KK Bania
ChemistrySelect 1 (13), 3750-3756, 2016
Non‐Hydrothermal Synthesis of Cu (I)‐Microleaves from Cu (II)‐Nanorods
TJ Konch, M Sharma, L Satyanarayana, A Hazarika, GV Karunakar, ...
ChemistrySelect 1 (20), 6606-6615, 2016
Direct cyanidation of silver sulfide by heterolytic C–CN bond cleavage of acetonitrile
B Das, P Saikia, M Sharma, MJ Baruah, S Roy, KK Bania
RSC advances 10 (14), 8314-8318, 2020
Synthesis of silver cyanide without poisonous KCN or NaCN
B Das, M Sharma, MJ Baruah, KK Borah, KK Bania
Inorganica Chimica Acta 498, 119160, 2019
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