Dr. Bholanath Pakhira
Dr. Bholanath Pakhira
Assistant Professor, Sister Nibedita Govt. General Degree College for Girls
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A chemodosimeter for the ratiometric detection of hydrazine based on return of ESIPT and its application in live-cell imaging
S Goswami, S Das, K Aich, B Pakhira, S Panja, SK Mukherjee, S Sarkar
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T Dutta, R Sarkar, B Pakhira, S Ghosh, R Sarkar, A Barui, S Sarkar
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A Triphenyl Amine‐Based Solvatofluorochromic Dye for the Selective and Ratiometric Sensing of OCl in Human Blood Cells
S Goswami, K Aich, S Das, B Pakhira, K Ghoshal, CK Quah, ...
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Carbon nano onions cross the blood brain barrier
B Pakhira, M Ghosh, A Allam, S Sarkar
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Nitrogen-doped fluorescent graphene nanosheets as visible-light-driven photocatalysts for dye degradation and selective sensing of ascorbic acid
GS Das, KM Tripathi, G Kumar, S Paul, S Mehara, S Bhowmik, B Pakhira, ...
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Cu (II) complexes of a tridentate N, N, O-donor Schiff base of pyridoxal: synthesis, X-ray structures, DNA-binding properties and catecholase activity
S Mondal, M Chakraborty, A Mondal, B Pakhira, AJ Blake, E Sinn, ...
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Co (III) and Ni (II) complexes of an anthracene appended aroyl hydrazone: Synthesis, crystal structures, DNA binding and catecholase activity
S Mondal, B Pakhira, AJ Blake, MGB Drew, SK Chattopadhyay
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A highly selective ratiometric chemosensor for Ni 2+ in a quinoxaline matrix
S Goswami, S Chakraborty, MK Adak, S Halder, CK Quah, HK Fun, ...
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Unique Fluorogenic Ratiometric Fluorescent Chemodosimeter for Rapid Sensing of CN in Water
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Extraction of preformed graphene oxide from coal: its clenched fist form entrapping large molecules
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Theoretical studies on mechanisms of some Mo enzymes
NM Cerqueira, B Pakhira, S Sarkar
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Pyrophosphate selective fluorescent chemosensors: cascade recognition of nuclear stain mimicking DAPI
S Goswami, AK Das, B Pakhira, SB Roy, AK Maity, P Saha, S Sarkar
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Ruthenium (II/III) complexes of redox non-innocent bis (thiosemicarbazone) ligands: Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, electrochemical, DNA binding and DFT studies
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One Electron Reduced Square Planar Bis(benzene-1,2-dithiolato) Copper Dianionic Complex and Redox Switch by O2/HO
BK Maiti, LB Maia, K Pal, B Pakhira, T Avilés, I Moura, SR Pauleta, ...
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Ruthenium (II) complexes of thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, DFT studies and fluoride sensing properties
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Synthesis, spectroscopic studies, X-ray crystal structures, electrochemical properties and DFT calculations of three Ni (II) complexes of aroyl hydrazone ligands bearing …
S Mondal, C Das, B Ghosh, B Pakhira, AJ Blake, MGB Drew, ...
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Turn on ESIPT based chemosensor for histidine: application in urine analysis and live cell imaging
C Das, B Pakhira, AL Rheingold, SK Chattopadhyay
Inorganica Chimica Acta 482, 292-298, 2018
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