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Transgenic tomato cv. Pusa Uphar expressing a bacterial mannitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase gene confers abiotic stress tolerance
N Khare, D Goyary, NK Singh, P Shah, M Rathore, S Anandhan, ...
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Induced ectopic expression of At-CBF1 in marker-free transgenic tomatoes confers enhanced chilling tolerance
S Singh, M Rathore, D Goyary, RK Singh, S Anandhan, DK Sharma, ...
Plant cell reports 30 (6), 1019-1028, 2011
Metallothionein-like gene from Cicer microphyllum is regulated by multiple abiotic stresses
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Isolation of cold stress-responsive genes from Lepidium latifolium by suppressive subtraction hybridization
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CyclinPred: a SVM-based method for predicting cyclin protein sequences
MK Kalita, UK Nandal, A Pattnaik, A Sivalingam, G Ramasamy, M Kumar, ...
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Isolation and characterization of cold responsive NAC gene from Lepidium latifolium
M Aslam, A Grover, VB Sinha, B Fakher, V Pande, PV Yadav, SM Gupta, ...
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Marker-free transgenic cucumber expressing Arabidopsis cbf1 gene confers chilling stress tolerance
N Gupta, M Rathore, D Goyary, N Khare, S Anandhan, V Pande, Z Ahmed
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Development of a transformation protocol for Tecomella undulata (Smith) Seem from cotyledonary node explants
M Aslam, R Singh, S Anandhan, V Pande, Z Ahmed
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Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L. cv. Australian green) with cbf-1 using a two vector system
P Shah, NK Singh, N Khare, M Rathore, S Anandhan, M Arif, RK Singh, ...
Plant cell, tissue and organ culture 95 (3), 363-371, 2008
Isolation and characterization of cold inducible genes in carrot by suppression subtractive hybridization
SR Kumar, S Anandhan, S Dhivya, A Zakwan, R Sathishkumar
Biologia plantarum 57 (1), 97-104, 2013
Construction of cold induced subtracted cDNA library from Cicer microphyllum and transcript characterization of identified novel wound induced gene
RK Singh, S Singh, P Pandey, S Anandhan, D Goyary, V Pande, Z Ahmed
Protoplasma 250 (2), 459-469, 2013
Evaluation of onion varietal identity using SSR markers
S Anandhan, SR Mote, J Gopal
Seed Science and Technology 42 (2), 279-285, 2014
Variation in gynogenic potential for haploid induction in Indian short-day onions
S Anandhan, AA Chavan, J Gopal, SR Mote, PV Shelke, KE Lawande
Indian J Genet 74, 526-528, 2014
Leaf curl disease of tomato in Haldwani (Uttarakhand), India region is caused by a begomovirus with satellite molecule DNA β
S Anandhan, PN Sivalingam, V Satheesh, RK Saritha, B Parameshwari
Archives of Phytopathology and Plant protection 44 (19), 1840-1851, 2011
In vitro propagation of long melon var. Karnal selection (Cucumis melo L.) from shoot tip
D Goyary, N Gupta, N Khare, S Anandhan, M Rathore, Z Ahmed
Int J Appl Agric Res 5 (1), 55-62, 2010
First Report of Colletotrichum truncatum Causing Anthracnose of Mouse Garlic (Allium angulosum) in India
VN Salunkhe, S Anandhan, SJ Gawande, RB Ikkar, YS Bhagat, ...
Plant Disease 102 (1), 240, 2018
First insights into the biochemical and molecular response to cold stress in Cicer microphyllum, a crop wild relative of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)
RK Singh, S Singh, S Anandhan, LM Shannon, FR Quiroz-Figueroa, ...
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 64 (5), 758-765, 2017
Onion quality affected by ethanol and ethephon during storage
AA Murkute, S Anandhan
National Academy Science Letters 39 (3), 163-169, 2016
Retrotransposon based TRAP marker displays diversity among onion (Allium cepa L.) genotypes
S Anandhan, A Nair, DS Kumkar, J Gopal
Scientia Horticulturae 190, 123-127, 2015
Cloning and sequencing of PR5-like gene from high altitude adapted ecotype of Lepidium latifolium
M Aslam, S Anandhan, Z Ahmed
Archives of phytopathology and plant protection 44 (11), 1025-1032, 2011
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