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Sulakshana Shenoy
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Porous cobalt chalcogenide nanostructures as high performance pseudo-capacitor electrodes
KS Bhat, S Shenoy, HS Nagaraja, K Sridharan
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Advanced two-dimensional heterojunction photocatalysts of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric bismuth oxyhalides with graphitic carbon nitride for sustainable energy and …
K Sridharan, S Shenoy, SG Kumar, C Terashima, A Fujishima, ...
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S Shenoy, K Sridharan
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One-Dimensional Multichannel g-C3N4.7 Nanostructure Realizing an Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and Its Theoretical Investigations
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ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (4), 3118-3129, 2021
Enhanced photocatalytic efficiency of layered CdS/CdSe heterostructures: Insights from first principles electronic structure calculations
S Shenoy, K Tarafder
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Effect of Fe3+ substitution on the structural modification and band structure modulated UV absorption of hydroxyapatite
K Hadagalli, S Shenoy, KR Shakya, K Tarafder, S Mandal, B Basu
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A robust photocatalyst using silver quantum clusters grafted in titanium dioxide nanotubes
S Shenoy, K Sridharan
Surfaces and Interfaces 30, 101941, 2022
Remarkable Photocatalytic Behavior of WO3/MoS2 Heterostructure: Insights From a Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigations
S Shenoy, K Sridharan, K Tarafder
Photo-Physical Studies and Bandgap Engineering on Transition Metal Chalcogenides for Applications in Photocatalysis
S Shenoy
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, 2021
Simple Tactic Polycondensation Synthesis of ‘Quasi-Polymeric’G-C3n4/Cafe2o4 Photocatalyst Composite for Enhanced Z-Scheme Photocatalytic Activity Via PN Heterojunction
S Shenoy, C Chuaicham, K Sasaki
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