Vinay Randhawa
Vinay Randhawa
DS Kothari Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Biochemistry, Panjab University
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Advancing from protein interactomes and gene co-expression networks towards multi-omics-based composite networks: approaches for predicting and extracting biological knowledge …
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Advancing from protein interactomes and gene co-expression networks towards multi-omics-based composite networks: approaches for predicting and extracting biological knowledge
V Randhawa, S Pathania
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Abundance and diversity of phages, microbial taxa and antibiotic resistance genes in the sediments of the river Ganges through metagenomic approach
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Molecular Regulatory Mechanism of Chilling-Mediated Bud Dormancy Release in Apple (Malusdomestica Borkh.)
AK Singh, G Kumar, K Gupta, MK Swarnkar, UK Rattan, P Arya, ...
1st International Apple Symposium (第一届世界苹果大会), 39-39, 2016
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