Hafeez Yusuf Hafeez
Hafeez Yusuf Hafeez
Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State-Nigeria
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Cited by
Construction of ternary hybrid layered reduced graphene oxide supported g-C3N4-TiO2 nanocomposite and its photocatalytic hydrogen production activity
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Environmentally Sustainable Synthesis of a CoFe2O4–TiO2/rGO Ternary Photocatalyst: A Highly Efficient and Stable Photocatalyst for High Production of …
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Structural, dielectric, and magneto-optical properties of Cu2+-Er3+ substituted nanocrystalline strontium hexaferrite
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Synergetic improvement in charge carrier transport and light harvesting over ternary InVO4-g-C3N4/rGO hybrid nanocomposite for hydrogen evolution reaction
HY Hafeez, SK Lakhera, MV Shankar, B Neppolian
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Fabrication of high surface area AgI incorporated porous BiVO4 heterojunction photocatalysts
SK Lakhera, R Venkataramana, G Mathew, HY Hafeez, B Neppolian
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ZnO: InN oxynitride: A novel and unconventional photocatalyst for efficient UV–visible light driven hydrogen evolution from water
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Analytical study of the van der pol equation in the autonomous regime
HY Hafeez, CE Ndikilar, S Isyaku
Progress 11, 252, 2015
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