Sagar Ghorai
Sagar Ghorai
Postdoctoral Fellow, ICReDD, Hokkaido University
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Synthesis, Structure, Bonding, and Reactivity of Metal Complexes Comprising Diborane (4) and Diborene (2):[{Cp* Mo (CO) 2} 2 {μ-η 2: η 2-B 2 H 4}] and [{Cp* M (CO) 2} 2 B 2 H 2 …
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Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) 57 (27), 8079-8083, 2018
Stabilization of Classical [B2H5]: Structure and Bonding of [(Cp*Ta)2(B2H5)(μ‐H)L2] (Cp*=η5‐C5Me5; L=SCH2S)
K Saha, S Ghorai, S Kar, S Saha, R Halder, B Raghavendra, ED Jemmis, ...
Angewandte Chemie 131 (49), 17848-17853, 2019
A DFT Study on the Stabilization of the B≡ B Triple Bond in a Metallaborocycle: Contrasting Electronic Structures of Boron and Carbon Analogues
S Ghorai, ED Jemmis
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (41), 9746-9751, 2017
Isolation of base stabilized fluoroborylene and its radical cation
SK Sarkar, MM Siddiqui, S Kundu, M Ghosh, J Kretsch, P Stollberg, ...
Dalton Transactions 48 (24), 8551-8555, 2019
DFT Study of C–C and C–N Coupling on a Quintuple-Bonded Cr2 Template: MECP (Minimum Energy Crossing Point) Barriers Control Product Distribution
S Ghorai, ED Jemmis
Organometallics 39 (10), 1700-1709, 2020
B–B Coupling and B–B Catenation: Computational Study of the Structure and Reactions of Metal–Bis (borylene) Complexes
S Ghorai, ED Jemmis
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (67), 17844-17851, 2018
Orbital Engineering in Chemistry
ED Jemmis, S Ghorai
Israel Journal of Chemistry 62 (1-2), e202100114, 2022
Structures and bonding in [L] M (μ-CCR) 2 M [L] and [L] M (μ-RC 4 R) M [L]: requirements for C–C coupling
S Ghorai, ED Jemmis
Dalton Transactions 49 (16), 5157-5166, 2020
Rearrangement of dicarboranyl methyl cation to icosahedral C3B9H12+: An ab initio dynamics view
DS Perumalla, S Ghorai, T Pal, D Hnyk, J Holub, ED Jemmis
Journal of Computational Chemistry 44 (3), 256-260, 2023
From a Möbius-aromatic interlocked Mn 2 B 10 H 10 wheel to the metal-doped boranaphthalenes M 2@ B 10 H 8 and M 2 B 5 2D-sheets (M= Mn and Fe): a molecules to materials …
S Ghorai, ED Jemmis
Chemical Science 13 (31), 8968-8978, 2022
Comparison of RNC Coupling and CO Coupling Mediated by Cr–Cr Quintuple Bond and B–B Multiple Bonds: Main Group Metallomimetics
S Ghorai, R Meena, AP Joseph, ED Jemmis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125 (33), 7207-7216, 2021
From Molecular Precursors to MoS2 Monolayers: Nanoscale Mechanism of Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition
S Ghorai, A Govind Rajan
Chemistry of Materials, 2024
Computational Study of General Relationships in Chemistry: C− C, C− N, and B− B Coupling, B− B Catenation, and 2D Metal Borides
S Ghorai
Handbook of Boron Science With Applications in Organometallics, Catalysis, Materials and Medicine Volume 4: Boron in Medicine
DS Perumalla, S Ghorai, T Pal, D Hnyk, J Holub
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