Sreejith S S
Sreejith S S
PhD, National post-doctoral fellow, Dept. of chemical sciences,IISER, Kolkata
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Inclusion, pseudo-inclusion compounds and coordination polymer of Pd (II), Zn (II) and Cd (II) from salen-type Schiff base ligand with a 1, 3-diimino spacer group: crystal …
SS Sreejith, N Mohan, N Aiswarya, MRP Kurup
Polyhedron 115, 180-192, 2016
Polymeric polymorphs and a monomer of pseudohalide incorporated Cu (II) complexes of 2, 4-dichlorido-6-((2-(dimethylamino) ethylimino) methyl) phenol]: Crystal structures and …
N Aiswarya, M Sithambaresan, SS Sreejith, SW Ng, MRP Kurup
Inorganica Chimica Acta 443, 251-266, 2016
Cd (II) and Ni (II) complexes from aroyl hydrazones: Unravelling the intermolecular interactions and electronic, crystal structures through experimental and theoretical studies
SS Sreejith, A Nair, VA Smolenski, JP Jasinski, MRP Kurup
Inorganica Chimica Acta 469, 264-279, 2018
Experimental and theoretical studies on photoluminescent Zn (II) host complex with an open book structure: Implication on potential bioactivity and comparison with its ligand …
SS Sreejith, N Mohan, MRP Kurup
Polyhedron 135, 278-295, 2017
Experimental and theoretical investigations on Pd (II) host-guest compound: Deciphering the structural and electronic features of a potential bioactive complex
SS Sreejith, N Mohan, MRP Kurup
Journal of Molecular Structure 1145, 170-183, 2017
Dicyanamide-interlaced assembly of Zn (II)-schiff-base complexes derived from salicylaldimino type compartmental ligands: Syntheses, crystal structures, FMO, ESP, TD-DFT …
D Majumdar, D Das, SS Sreejith, S Das, JK Biswas, M Mondal, D Ghosh, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 489, 244-254, 2019
Cd (II) Pseudohalide Complexes with N, N′‐Bis (3‐ethoxysalicylidenimino) 1, 3‐Diaminopropane: Crystal Structures, Hirshfeld Surface, Antibacterial and Anti‐Biofilm Properties
D Majumdar, JK Biswas, M Mondal, MSS Babu, S Das, RK Metre, ...
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Syntheses, X-ray crystal structures of two new Zn (II)-dicyanamide complexes derived from H2vanen-type compartmental ligands: Investigation of thermal, photoluminescence, in …
D Majumdar, S Das, R Thomas, Z Ullah, SS Sreejith, D Das, P Shukla, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 492, 221-234, 2019
Syntheses, crystal structures and photo physical aspects of azido-bridged tetranuclear cadmium (II) complexes: DFT/TD-DFT, thermal, antibacterial and anti-biofilm properties
D Majumdar, S Dey, SS Sreejith, JK Biswas, M Mondal, P Shukla, S Das, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1179, 694-708, 2019
Dual responsive salen-type Schiff bases for the effective detection of l-arginine via a static quenching mechanism
N Mohan, SS Sreejith, PMS Begum, MRP Kurup
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (15), 13114-13121, 2018
Selective Light Driven Reduction of CO2 to HCOOH in Water Using {MoV9} n (n= 1332-3600) Based Soft-oxometalate (SOM)
S Barman, S Das, SS Sreejith, S Garai, R Pochamoni, S Roy
Chemical Communications, 2018
Molecular cobalt corrole complex for the heterogeneous electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide
S Gonglach, S Paul, M Haas, F Pillwein, SS Sreejith, S Barman, R De, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-10, 2019
A molecular CO2 reduction catalyst based on giant polyoxometalate {Mo368}
S Das, T Balaraju, S Barman, SS Sreejith, R Pochamoni, S Roy
Frontiers in chemistry 6, 514, 2018
Self-organized three dimensional architectures based on non-covalent interactions in square planar Cu (II) thiosemicarbazone: Solvent mediated crystallization and EPR based …
L Tom, N Aiswarya, SS Sreejith, MRP Kurup
Inorganica Chimica Acta 473, 223-235, 2018
Nitrato, Pseudohalo‐Linked Zn (II)/Cd (II) Schiff‐Base Complexes with 1, 3‐Diimine Spacer Group: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, DFT, TD‐DFT and Fluorescence Studies
D Majumdar, S Dey, SS Sreekumar, S Das, D Das, RK Metre, K Bankura, ...
ChemistrySelect 3 (43), 12371-12382, 2018
Water-Encapsulated Ni(II) Salphen-Type Host Complexes: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Potentially Bioactive Quasi-Isostructural Polymorphs
SS Sreekumar, N Mohan, MRP Kurup
ChemistrySelect 2 (22), 6493-6502, 2017
A study of structural effects on linear and nonlinear response of bicompartmental Ni (II) Schiff base complexes
N Mohan, SS Sreejith, V Kuttippurath, C Keloth, MRP Kurup
Applied Organometallic Chemistry, e4900, 2019
(±)-trans-6, 6′-Diethoxy-2, 2′-[cyclohexane-1, 2-diylbis (nitrilomethanylylidene)] diphenol monohydrate
N Mohan, SS Sreejith, M Sithambaresan, MRP Kurup
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 70 (2), o182-o183, 2014
Synthesis, characterizations and single crystal structure of di-nuclear azido-bridged Cd (II) coordination polymer with Schiff base precursor (H2LpentOMe): DFT, fluorescence …
D Majumdar, D Das, SS Sreejith, S Nag, S Dey, S Mondal, K Bankura, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 496, 119069, 2019
Experimental and theoretical analysis of a rare nitrato bridged 3d-4f complex containing LaZn2 core synthesized from a Zn (II) metalloligand
SS Sreejith, N Mohan, MRP Kurup
Journal of Molecular Structure 1153, 85-95, 2018
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