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Aditya Tiwari
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Theoretical analysis of the NH3, NO, and NO2 adsorption on boron-nitrogen and boron-phosphorous co-doped monolayer graphene-A comparative study
A Tiwari, J Palepu, A Choudhury, S Bhattacharya, S Kanungo
FlatChem 34, 100392, 2022
Comparative analysis of strain engineering on the electronic properties of homogenous and heterostructure bilayers of MoX2 (X= S, Se, Te)
J Palepu, PP Anand, P Parshi, V Jain, A Tiwari, S Bhattacharya, ...
Micro and Nanostructures 168, 207334, 2022
Effects of artificial stacking configurations and biaxial strain on the structural, electronic and transport properties of bilayer GaSe-A first principle study
J Palepu, A Tiwari, P Sahatiya, S Kundu, S Kanungo
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 137, 106236, 2022
Comparative analysis of Boron, nitrogen, and phosphorous doping in monolayer of semi-metallic Xenes (Graphene, Silicene, and Germanene)-A first principle calculation based approach
A Tiwari, N Bahadursha, J Palepu, S Chakraborty, S Kanungo
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 153, 107121, 2023
A detailed comparative performance analysis of the Transition Metal Di-chalcogenides (TMDs) based strain sensors through experimental realisations and first principle calculations
N Bokka, V Adepu, A Tiwari, S Kanungo, P Sahatiya
FlatChem 32, 100344, 2022
Formation of stable naphthalenediimide radical anion: substituent-directed synergistic effects of hydrogen bonding and charge transfer interactions on chromogenic response …
RS Fernandes, A Tiwari, S Kanungo, N Dey
Journal of Molecular Liquids 387, 122238, 2023
Theoretical investigation of the structural and electronic properties of bilayer van der Waals heterostructure of Janus molybdenum di-chalcogenides–Effects of interlayer …
N Bahadursha, A Tiwari, S Chakraborty, S Kanungo
Materials Chemistry and Physics 297, 127375, 2023
Rags to Riches: Meliorating the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonia over Cu-Based Nanoalloys
R Rameshan, A Tiwari, S Kanungo, S Roy
Inorganic Chemistry 62 (25), 9934-9944, 2023
Carbon monoxide adsorption on different sub-lattice sites of nitrogen and phosphorous doped and Co-doped germanene-a first principle study
A Tiwari, N Bahadursha, S Chakraborty, S Das, S Kanungo
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 151, 115746, 2023
Site-specific ammonia adsorption and transduction on a naphthalimide derivative molecule–a complementary analysis involving ab initio calculation and experimental verification
A Tiwari, RS Fernandes, N Dey, S Kanungo
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (25), 17021-17033, 2023
Surface engineered phosphorene using boron and arsenic doping/Co-doping for Co-optimizing the adsorption stability, transduction, and recovery of CO, NO, and SO gases–a density …
A Tiwari, AA Apte, SK Dyavadi, ESK Balaji, N Bahadursha, S Kanungo
Materials Today Communications 36, 106627, 2023
Computational study on CH3-functionalized tetraphenyl-1, 4-phenylenediamine: a hole-transporting material for OLED devices
A Tiwari, B Kumar, AK Srivastava
Materials Today: Proceedings 29, 772-775, 2020
Analysis of the SO Adsorption on boron, nitrogen, and phosphorous doped monolayer silicene-a first principle study
A Tiwari, N Bahadursha, J Palepu, S Kanungo
International Conference on Sensing Technology, 17-23, 2022
X (CH3) k+ 1+ superalkali cations (X= F, O and N) with methyl ligands
AK Srivastava, H Srivastava, A Tiwari, N Misra
Chemical Physics Letters 790, 139352, 2022
Quantum capacitance engineering in boron and carbon modified monolayer phosphorene electrodes for supercapacitor application: a theoretical approach using ab-initio calculation
A Tiwari, G Bansal, SJ Mukhopadhyay, A Bhattacharjee, S Kanungo
Journal of Energy Storage 73, 109040, 2023
Investigation of Different Layer OLED Structure based upon PEDOT: PSS/GO Composite Anode
A Tiwari, B Kumar
2020 International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering …, 2020
Theoretical insight on the effect of middle layer specifications on electronic properties of SnS2/MX2/SnS2 Trilayer heterostructure (M= Mo, w; X= S, Se, Te)
A Tiwari, A Singh, N Bahadursha, S Das, S Chakraborty, S Kanungo
Computational Materials Science 232, 112635, 2024
Analysis of the NH3 Adsorption on Boron-Arsenic Co-doped Monolayer Graphene: A First Principle Study
A Tiwari, N Bahadursah, S Bhattacharya, S Kanungo
Emerging Electronic Devices, Circuits and Systems: Select Proceedings of …, 2023
Perylene Diimide (PDI) based Flexible Multifunctional Sensor Design for Personal Healthcare Monitoring‐A Complementary Approach Involving Experimental and Theoretical …
V Adepu, M Tathacharya, RS Fernandes, A Tiwari, S Siraj, S Kanungo, ...
Advanced Materials Technologies 8 (10), 2201633, 2023
CVD-Grown MoS2-Monolayer-Based Ultrasensitive Human Breath Sensor: Experimental and Theoretical Study
G Polumati, A Tiwari, CSR Kolli, S Kanungo, ADL Bugallo, P Sahatiya
IEEE Sensors Letters 7 (2), 1-10, 2023
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